Folk meets punk in YoshiÕs Island

YoshiÕs Island is the DJ duo of Maxe Mazelis and Cristina MacKinnon. Both talented first-years and avid Nintendo fans, this pair has been named WRUV DJs of the Month for March.

They have impressed their DJ-ing peers with their commitment to the station, and surprised listeners with their eclectic mix of indie, folk, and shoegazeÑa genre of wavy distortion.

Tune in next time youÕre having a Mario Kart tournament. The show is every Saturday from 2-4 pm.

Cynic: YouÕre both first-years, and youÕve already run for WRUV executive board positions and have interviewed They Might Be Giants. Did this semester live up to your expectations?

Maxe: Well, since we are freshmen, this is our first experience with any sort of radio broadcasting.

Last semester we did our graveyard shift and we went through DJ training, so this is fundamentally different, broadcasting in daylight rather than at two in the morning.

Cynic: What made you want to get into DJing?

Cristina: We both really like music, and WRUV is the place to do stuff with that. ItÕs a really cool community of people, and I think we were just drawn to it.

Cynic: What 3 adjectives would you use to describe your show?

Maxe: Groovy, hot and fresh: YoshiÕs Island.

Christina: Check it out.

Cynic: Why should people listen to your show?

Cristina: I think people listen to our show already because itÕs called YoshiÕs Island, and I think people are really into that.

Maxe: The YoshiÕs Island culture, weÕve really tapped into that. Really though, we donÕt have much of a theme behind our show, itÕs really just stuff we like.

If our listeners like the music than thatÕs great, but itÕs more about just playing stuff that weÕre into.

Cristina: ItÕs cool mixing our different music tastes together, because they donÕt always mesh so well.

Cynic: So whatÕs it like working with someone with a different taste in music?

Maxe: I canÕt stand shoegaze, and Cristina really likes shoegaze, so thereÕs that. I think thatÕs the biggest dissimilarity.

Cristina: We both like The Mountain Goats a lot. And Titus Andronicus

Maxe: Indie rock, itÕs a really general term, but it does encompass a lot of what we have in common. IÕm not as into loud music.

Cristina: Punk.

Maxe: I guess, Punk. CristinaÕs more into that kind of style

Cristina: Yeah IÕm that style, and heÕs more of a folk style.

Cynic: What was interviewing They Might Be Giants like?

Maxe: They were promoting their new album and doing a thing with college DJs, so they scheduled a phone interview with me.

I paid 20 bucks for a three-month Skype subscription, so now I have a Skype phone number for the next couple of months.

He called me on that and I recorded it, which was very cool. Actually it was very stressful, because I had to find a place to do it.

The interview was scheduled for 12:30 and I got out of class at 12, so I had to run out of class and find someplace before he called.

I ended up in the laundry room.