Food column

Whether or not Valentine’s Day is your thing, it’s still a great opportunity to spend time with the people that you care the most about. Still not you? Gorge yourself into a chocolate-coma and give in already — you know you want to. For those of you who are fans, here are a few ideas to make your day complete: 1. Go out to dinner. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top. A six-course meal that costs $100.00 a person at Leunig’s Bistro and Café — though lovely — isn’t necessary. Sweetwaters would be just fine. Since it is a popular holiday, though, calling ahead is never a bad idea: 864-9800. 2. Often going out to dinner isn’t within the realm of possibility, especially since Valentine’s Day can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly. To save some dough, invite some friends over and order takeout. The East Orchid is a wonderful Chinese restaurant that will deliver to the dorms, so give them a call at 658-3626. 3. Bake. Grab your friends and head down to the kitchen. Cookies in the shape of a heart with icing are adorable. Hand them out and you will definitely brighten someone’s day. 4. Invite people over to your place for a potluck, or better yet, a fondue party. Whether chocolate or cheese, this is a perfect way to share a meal with the people that you love. Have each person bring something different to contribute. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be elaborate and over-the-top. The smaller and more sincere things will often have a larger impact with the people that you love the most.