Food trucks make for moveable feast

In most towns you can find at least one food truck or cart; usually itÕs a dirty-water hot dog stand or an over-priced ice cream truck. But Burlington has a surprising number of diverse food trucks and carts.

Of course, eating food out of a truck is a hit or miss because other than the Skinny Pancake Airstream, they can be rather scathing from a quick look.

But I guarantee, if you do a double take, youÕll be pleasantly surprised.

There are four trucks in total along University Place. Closest to Main Steet is PamÕs Deli. Walking toward Pearl Street, youÕll find LuckyÕs, Ahli BabaÕs and Big DaddyÕs Food Truck.

The light blue truck in front of Williams is Ahli BabaÕs. Their food truck serves to supplement their downtown storefront restaurant on Main Street next to the Flynn. Here you can find an assortment of pitas, from Chicken to Falafel, for a range between $6-$7.

A few steps down from Ahli BabaÕs, also in front of Williams, is the big yellow and white Big DaddyÕs Food Truck. Big DaddyÕs has a restaurant downtown as well.

If youÕre as broke as I am, their $1 cheese slices are deemed promising Ð but make sure to bring cash, because they slap you with a $5 credit card minimum.

If youÕre looking for cheap breakfast food, PamÕs Deli will do the trick. They are a cash or charge joint.

As you approach PamÕs, a sign stating ÒEggs Served All DayÓ proudly hangs above pictures of messy but delicious-looking combinations of egg, cheese and meat on bread. It is all cheap.

If itÕs nearing noon and you find your stomach rumbling, I urge you to take the short walk to the small white box-like trailer, Lucky Chinese Food Truck.

LuckyÕs is run by one man, Lep, with a large array of steaming pots filled with that dayÕs offerings.

ÒItÕs just me. It always has been,Ó he said.

This is LepÕs twenty-first year on campus. ÒThatÕs a long time,Ó he said. He said he enjoys his small business and finds it very rewarding.

ÒI like to work here. IÕm like a friend to students, which is very special to me,Ó he said.

LuckyÕs Chinese Food Truck offers an individual and a combination menu. The individual menu is Òa la carteÓ style featuring all of the classics: egg rolls, veggie fried rice and crab Rangoon Ð all for under $5.

The combination menu is where you will find entrees all paired with unique fried rice Ð and all for $5.

ThereÕs also a $5 special every week including a stir-fry with a side of fried rice.

It may not be the most decadent and up-scale Chinese joint, but it is cheap and flawlessly satisfying.

Unlike other food trucks, LuckyÕs stays all year round. ÒI still work here in the summer, to serve summer school and the professors,Ó he said.

This is LepÕs only occupation and he dedicates his energy every day to have a presence on campus.

ÒIf I donÕt work here, I donÕt know what IÕd do,Ó he said.

Lep was the most friendly of all of the food truck workers. When a customer came up to ask if he takes credit cards, he said ÒnoÓ and sent them to one of his competitors, PamÕs.

The students appreciate him too.

One student in line greeted Lep like a good friend. ÒI like it a lot! Out of all of the vendors on campus, this is the one I come too,Ó said Junior Matt Rosenthal.

The food trucks on-campus have you covered.