Freshman Frolicking: A Quiet Night In

In high school, it seemed that all I ever did was complain that there was “nothing to do.” During the week here at UVM, nothing could be further from the truth. Monday through Friday I am deluged with homework, guest lectures, club meetings, concerts, etc. But by the time Friday evening rolls around, homework is the last thing I want to be doing. Unfortunately, I’m not left with many other options. On a campus as progressive and fun as UVM, what is a girl to do with her weekend?

Friday and Saturday nights offer a couple of late-night activities. The first is the token fraternity party. Smokey rooms, drunken college kids, groping hands…If your idea of a good Friday night is getting wasted and hooking up and your idea of a good Saturday is sleeping until you can go out again, such an activity is probably ideal. I’m not partial to getting wasted or hooking up so I avoid this scene as much as possible.

Then there is the typical movie shown at 8 and 11 in the CC Theatre. All right, sometimes they show pretty good movies but when they don’t… For example, after Schwarzenegger won the California recall, I can tell you I wasn’t jumping at the chance to go spend my evening supporting him by watching Terminator 3.

Nevertheless, if every weekend I spent my evenings watching new movies at the CC Theatre, I think I’d become pretty bored with movies.

Watching UVM sporting events on the weekends is always awesome. I love the atmosphere during hockey games and am looking forward to basketball season.

Only problem with these prime-time events is that they are usually done before 9 or 10 p.m. at the latest. I don’t even go to bed at 10 on school nights so I am left with a couple of hours to ponder my next move.

Ok-onward to Church Street. There’s always something going on downtown. There are great stores open late and incredible restaurants. I love spending my night on Church Street but this is not feasible every weekend. First, I am a “poor college student” and while eating out or shopping a couple times a month is within reason, I would soon run out of money if I spent my evenings downtown every weekend. Furthermore, if, after dinner and shopping I am still wired and looking for something to do, the bars seem to be the only spots with entertainment. I am not 21 yet. Oh, what to do…

There is one thing, however, that never fails to provide a quality good time on the weekend: a quiet night in with my friends. Sometimes we pop popcorn and watch scary movies; other times we do laundry and watch “Sex and the City”; and sometimes we have fun ping-pong games downstairs in Harris/Millis. These nights are great because I get to know my friends better than I would at a fraternity party and I don’t have to spend the money on dinner downtown just to have nice conversation. Of course, like all of the rest, these nights become tiresome as well.

I guess there is no bona fide point to this week’s column beyond my typical nitpicking. I have no real suggestions on how liven up the weekends and am simply offering a commentary on the culture of college at UVM.