Get the most out of this season

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing and the campus is flooding with flannel and bean boots.

It is easy to say it has finally turned into sweater weather, making Vermont the best place to be on Earth.

Aside from pumpkin spice lattes making a comeback, fall is great because it’s the last chance to get out there and do the classic “Vermont-y” things you might not have been doing all summer.

Here is a list of some super cool things students love to do in Vermont before everyone goes into hibernation.



Whether you go with a roommate, friend, significant other, family, club or pet dog, it is surely going to be a splendid time.

Students like senior Kim Surwilo agree apple picking is a part of the quintessential Vermont experience.

“There’s just something about the environment of an apple orchard,” Surwilo said.

“[It’s] something that signifies fall; it’s the perfect way to be outside and enjoy the beauty of fall in Vermont.”

Apple picking is a serious ordeal at UVM; it even has some followers who are hardcore (pun intended).

“I like to go apple picking even though I’m allergic to apples,” senior Tessa Ruszala said, “and then I go home and make apple pie and everything is good again.”



The chilly weather doesn’t keep UVMers from going outside. Another popular thing on people’s to-do lists all over campus is to hike in the beautiful mountains of Vermont.

“I’d say the best thing hands-down is just getting outside when it’s that great temperature for hiking,” sophomore Tim Smith said.

Not only will you be able to bask in the great weather, but you will also have great views.

“That beautiful foliage… it only lasts a very short time, so I think that makes it even cooler, like a limited edition season” Smith said.



For all you self-proclaimed foodies out there, the Cabot Cheese Factory is a great place to go when it’s getting chilly but you still want, or need, to get your free-food fill.  

Rumors are spreading that there is a full table of free cheese samples with any type of cheese you could ever imagine.



Another classic Vermont fall indulgence are apple cider doughnuts.

These are not just any regular doughnut; they are an integral part of the Vermont fall experience.

They also differ from other doughnuts because they are considered “cake doughnuts,” made with apple cider in the batter and coated with cinnamon and sugar.

Students, like senior Evan Nair, agree.  

“My favorite thing to do in the fall is to eat cider doughnuts,” Nair said. “There’s nothing like fresh cider doughnuts.”