Giggling to a healthy lifestyle: the great benefits of laughing

We all probably know what it feels like to laugh, but did you know that laughing with friends can offer health benefits?

Check out this great list from the Gaiam Life website:


Laughing lowers your blood pressure, which will decrease your risk of stroke and heart attack. If you already have a healthy blood pressure, laughing will decrease your risk even more.


Laughing reduces stress hormone levels, and this cuts the negative effects stress and anxiety have on your body. Lowering stress and anxiety boosts your immune system so you can stay healthy this winter.


It’s kind of a workout. If you laugh hard and long enough, the muscles in your stomach expand and contract, just like when you do crunches.


Laughing boosts your T cells, which are specialized immune system cells that keep you healthy.


It triggers the release of endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.


Laughing improves mental health by strengthening your sense of wellbeing. People who have a happy outlook on life can fight disease better than those who don’t.