Golden Key Honor Society

Golden Key is an academic honours society which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines. The Society awards its members nearly $500,000 annually through 17 different scholarship and award programs. Members are also connected to exclusive career opportunities and assistance through Golden Key’s partnerships with major corporations and graduate programs. Golden Key recognizes the top 15% of juniors and seniors in all undergraduate fields.

Personally, my involvement with Golden Key has been amazing. I have traveled to two conventions, a regional convention in NYC and the international convention in Chicago this summer. I have met amazing people through Golden Key. For example, this summer the keynote speaker was Nando Parrado, who was one of the men who survived the 1973 plane crash in the Andes, the book and movie Alive are based on his story. And I have had the opportunity to attend leadership workshops, and network with Golden Key partners and other students.

At UVM Golden Key does community service, academic programing and recognition events. Some of our biggest events are Sophomore Recognition, Make- A-Difference Day and Induction. We threw an ice cream party for the top 15% academically of sophomores. Make- A- Difference Day is one of many community service options we participate in. This year for Make- A- Difference Day we are running a food drive outside Shaw’s in South Burlington from 10-1pm on the 25th of October. Induction is our largest event and this year it is on November 16th from 1-3pm. We are hoping this year to induct 160 new members!