Goodness goes on

Johnny Sudekum, Writer

Well guys, we did it. With stakes as high as they come, we disproved the outdated Mayan calendar and are now looking toward the interminable future. Whether you followed the Mayans prediction religiously, or thought it was a better joke than UVMs tuition hike, its occurrence shouldnt be taken as lightly as the amount of snow weve been getting.

While 2012 concluded with a sizable array of triumphs, including NASAs Curiosity Rover landing on Mars and the rise of Psys Gangam Style, it is difficult for any person to take a look at the news without feeling overwhelmed.

Between the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School Dec. 14th and the havoc caused by Hurricane Sandy, 2012 challenged all of us to look forward and see the beauty in life.

As my man Aristotle says, It is during our darkest moments that we must focus on the light, we must all do the same. With such horrific events in 2012, some would find it hard to believe that the world ending was so celebrated by some.

Sure, Im just a sophomore who gets stomachaches after a grueling Grundle session, and Im not blessed with the omniscient wisdom of Morgan Freeman. However, I really just look at all of this and carry on with the statement that spawned the title of the column Im writing today: Life is Good.

As UVMers, our access to so many opportunities everyday shows even the most pessimistic character that this philosophy maintains its fortitude and lives in the Burlington atmosphere.

Beyond the mountain air and naked bike rides, UVM shines to me as a community that seeks out and embraces a continuously improving quality of life.

Clubs like Eco-Reps, that strive to make UVM a more environmentally friendly school, and DREAM, that mentors children and teenagers in the surrounding Burlington area and the Outing Club, which seeks to show people different adventurous outdoor aspects of Vermont, are just a few examples of why I have such an optimistic view on the direction we are headed in as a community.

With a fresh semester already here, I encourage everybody in the UVM community to endeavor and embrace, for their own reasons, the mentality of this column. Whether it be bettering the community, or enjoying the mountain air on a pair of skis or a snowboard, try something new and find why life is good.

On a personal note, my bike was stolen over break from the Living/Learning Center. If anybody sees a blue Raleigh bike with brown handle tape, help a fella out and tell whoever took it to give it back…