Grocery goods of Burlington

When students get tired of on-campus food from dining halls or yearn for mom’s home cooking, they do the unthinkable — go grocery shopping.

When asked about her favorite grocery store, UVM junior Marya Brooks said that she prefers City Market because it’s all organic, but it’s a bit on the pricey side.
UVM sophomore Brian Coffill agrees and said that he likes this store since it supports local farmers.

If you enjoy the local appeal of City Market, chances are you’ll love the Farmer’s Market that occurs downtown on the weekends during the summer months.

“It’s fun to go on a sunny Saturday morning in the summer and pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables,” UVM junior Lora Brown said.

Take a stroll down College Street to enjoy the sunlight and foliage, stocking up on some organically grown food, though she said to make sure not to forget to bring your own reusable bag.

UVM sophomore Erin Henegan said she typically mixes it up by going to the Marché because “points are like monopoly money.” She also tries to go to Shaw’s when she can “catch a bus to Williston.”

“While Burlington is a great walking city, it’s hard to get to places outside of it when you don’t have a car” Brown said. “Burlington’s transportation system will become your new best friend.”

UVM sophomore Amy Greer said that she prefers Hannaford’s because “it’s cheaper and is located in a convenient place in relation to campus.”

The Hannaford’s on Dorset Street is about a 10 minute walk from campus and there are buses that run down to South Burlington daily, she said.

When asked how she balances shopping off- and on -campus, Brown said “I always try to keep a balance as the semester wears on, buying the necessary things from the Marché and some fun foods you can’t find on campus at City Market or Hannaford’s.”

“Try buying your own Honey Nut Cheerios at Hannaford’s or you’ll wind up spending $6.29 for your breakfast in a box [at the Marché],” she said.

Though cooking your own food is a bit more time consuming, it’ll pay off in the long run.

“I’ve actually been able to make some good meals on campus with my only ingredients bought from the Marché,” Brown said. “If you invite a few friends over and each bring a different item, it is more affordable and fun to mix things up.”

Whether students prefer City Market, Hannaford’s, Shaw’s or even on-campus dining, remember to stock the shelves — and one’s belly — with good eats.