High Concert Ticket Prices Common Gripe

Claypool? Rock on! J-5? Rock on! Lou Reed? Rock on! Anywhere from between twenty-five to fifty dollars for a show at your school?

It would seem this does not rock nearly as hard. “We should be getting a bigger discount as students because our student organizations are putting the shows on for us.” says Sophomore Rosie Fischer.

Higher Ground shows cost an average of ten to twenty dollars a ticket, less than that of the average concert at UVM, which, depending on act or venue could very easily be twice as expensive, or more.

Take the upcoming Lou Reed performance for example, which tickets are between 39 and 49 dollars.

Many other students, experienced a bit of mania last week, finding out firstly that the member of the Velvet Underground was coming here to UVM, and then realizing that it would cost a significant portion of money.portion of our already- wounded bank accounts.

While the SA concerts office was not available for questions, a Student Affairs representative argued that the lack of funding for student affairs was the reason students were fronted the bill for UVM shows.

Several students, although not fans of the high cost of tickets, understand the schools motivation.

“The ticket prices on UVM campus are a bit expensive at times, but I guess it depends how bad you want to see a good performance”, said sophomore Becca Lewis.

For an outsider, this seems a bit out of place in the collegiate setting, however.

Tristan Grew, a former student of Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, was rather surprised to find UVM would charge so much for a student show.

“At my school, Cypress Hill came for fifteen dollars.”

The Student Affairs office, while unable to comment on the cost of bringing an artist such as Lou Reed to UVM, was able to come up with capacity figures for Ira Allen Chapel, the venue for Reed’s upcoming show which is 900.

Assuming, therefore, that the show will be sold out, and that the average ticket price is about forty-five dollars, the amount brought in by UVM for Lou Reed would be around forty thousand dollars.

While several students expressed doubt about the probability that all of that money was necessary, Zack Holtz found nothing out of the ordinary.

“Forty-thousand seems to be about average for an act, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make that much.”

The common grumblings across campus resonated with complaints and irritation about the impossibility of seeing Lou Reed for fifty dollars.

One student referred to a Simpson’s episode wherein Mr. Burns has robbed concertgoer’s blind for admission into “Hullabalooza”, a mock music festival.

“This certainly ensures a healthy mix of the rich and the ignorant, sir” claims Smithers, as he and Monty sit watching the crowd of exploited music fans.

Inform yourself, visit SA Comsert’s homepage at; http://www.uvm.edu/~sacon/