Hiking the Burly trail

Johnny Sudekum, Writer

Welcome to the Groovy UV, a place where Ben and JerryÕs ice cream flows like wine and tapestries hang like flags. While some of us have made this place our home away from home, others are just beginning to break trail.

For those who find themselves in the beginning of a long, hazy, Phish-filled journey, you have a lot to look forward to.

Anybody looking for a hike with a steep incline can set their boots on any of the Mount Mansfield trails. Unique to other Vermont mountains, Mansfield has a climactic finish with a challenging amount of rock scrambling and a summit worth seeing.

A little mellower, yet still iconic hike of Vermont is Camels Hump. Proudly in sight from our campus, Camels Hump offers a hell of a view with a myriad of trails to get there.

What seems to catch every first year off guard is the infamous Burlington Trail which can be undertaken only from 10:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., Thursdays through Saturdays.

This trail almost acts as a right of passage and is typically conquered by groups in packs of 20+ deep.

This hike can take any freshmen to iconic places around Burlington with basement views you couldnÕt even dream of. Sure, you can see Champlain from Mount Philo, but the Burlington Trail can take you to the driveway of Frisbee House.

If Frisbee House isnÕt the destination you seek, detours in the Burlington Trail can bring you to stops such as 446 Colchester or various fraternity houses.

While hiking boots are typically sported for hiking, hikers on this trail tend to equip themselves with high-heels and Catcards with lanyards for easy accessibility.

Although the Burlington Trail can have its ups and its downs, it is something that all UVM students have hiked at one point or another.

You hike it for a bit, get your boots dirty, maybe walk into a random house and finally become a sophomore.

You may hit the best night of your semester, while you could also end up in a 5k, wandering around.

The Burlington Trail is good. Life is better.