Hook-up spots

Lindsay Freed, Staff Writer

College is often associated with youth hookup culture, and UVM is no exception.

The question is not if UVM students are hooking up, but where exactly they’re getting it on.

College is a residential community as well as an academic one, and with so many shared spaces, students have to get creative for their more private moments.

Some students play it safe and stick to their dorm rooms when they can, while others are more adventurous and have hookups everywhere, from stairwells to classrooms.

“[Hooking up in a stairwell] was fun at the time,” Sean, a senior, said. “But it’s the kind of thing I wouldn’t do again — too many people can walk in on you”

The Cynic sent a survey to the UVM community about students’ favorite hook up spots, of which 69 students responded.

The survey allowed students to fill out their favorite hook up spot in the area, and gave the option to leave a quote about their experience.

Of the students who submitted responses, 52 said they hook up most frequently in an apartment or dorm room.

The basic idea is to mentally note your roommates’ schedules, drag your significant other or hookup buddy into your room during that rare window of private time and above all, lock the door.

“I’m old fashioned that way,” senior Sarah said.

Students produced a wide variety of responses when listing their favorite and strangest hookup locations, according to the survey.

Multiple students said they have hooked up somewhere in Bailey/Howe Library, according to the survey

“One time during finals week I hooked up with a guy in the basement of the library near the cubicle things,” sophomore Jack said. “Wild, unreal – no one expects it. Everyone is quiet, and I’m just there living my life.”

If you’re in the mood to laugh at the things college students do for sex, have that peaceful study spot forever scandalized or gather ideas for your next out-of-bedroom hook up, visit the Cynic website to view a comprehensive UVM hookup map.