Hucking persists despite snow

Skiers and snowboarders showed off their skills outside the Sigma Phi fraternity house at the “Hucking for Hicks” Rail Jam on Friday, Feb. 18. The rail jam was hosted by juniors Dirk Cionci and Wyatt Fowler. A snowstorm during the evening caused worries that people would not be able to make it out to the rail jam.   Fowler expressed concern that although diehard skiers and snowboarders would come out to ski, viewers would be reluctant to come out in the bad weather.  He hoped it would not be “all rail and no jam,” he said.  The decision to benefit the Hicks Foundation was inspired by previous philanthropy work with Allison Hicks of the Hicks Foundation in the past, Cionci said. DJ Whole-Z played from inside while by standers gathered outside to watch the competition.  Skiers and snowboarders climbed a tower of snow set up in the fraternity’s front yard to grind the rail with varying amounts of success. The hosts’ internships with 802 Snowboards and Ski the East triggered their interest in hosting a rail jam, Cionci said. “We knew we could get them on as sponsors and it grew from there,” Cionci said. The rail jam was sponsored by 802 Snowboards, Hungry Headies, Ski the East, Snug Life and Third Shift Clothing. Hungry Headies provided cookies and Jones soda was offered to viewers of the jam.  They tossed a lot of free gear from the other sponsors into the crowd as well. “It was really cool how they had the whole thing sponsored and gave out Jones soda to everyone,” junior Phil Morin said. The winning snowboarder received an 802 snowboard as their prize.  Founder of 802 Snowboards, Mike Swartz said that they like to come out and support local events like the rail jam. Overall, Cionci thought the event was a success, despite threats from the snowstorm to deter participants and viewers. “I think the event went very well for the weather we had,” Cionci said. “You know you’re going to see good riding when it’s weather like that because only the diehards come out, which is good.”