Humans of University of Vermont

It may not always be evident, but diversity is real here at UVM.  The diversity exists in personalities, upbringings, interests, religion, sexuality; you name it, it’s here.  In New York City, Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York roams the streets looking for hints of humanity to intertwine us all.   

At UVM, Marissa Lanoff and Harper Simpson are here to do the same. 



Katherine Wilcenski, New York

“Have you ever heard of ecopsychology? It looks at how your psyche is related to your environment. The therapy is about changing your environment and using herbal remedies. I’m hoping the art I do will help people connect to their environment.”



Daniel Jamrog, Massachusetts

When was the last time you were shocked?”

“This morning!”


“GE’s stock shot up $1.50. That’s 10 percent!””



Emily Peters, New Jersey

“Some people like to focus on places they’ve been and the physical beauty of it. I think it’s more important to focus on the people you’re with.”