Inclusive panties promote happy periods

The Dapper Vagina

As someone who menstruates, I am always looking for the next device that will make riding the red tide a little less terrible.

As of right now, I am a fan of menstrual cups and cloth pads or pantiliners. This past period, however, I discovered something that I believe will change the way we all view periods: Thinx period panties.

Now hold up — I’m not talking about the high waisted, discolored, stained and maybe-ripped undies saved for one’s period because they don’t want to stain their lacy ones.

I am talking about underwear that comes with a special anti microbial, moisture-wicking and leak-resistant crotch that absorbs menstrual flow.

When I heard about these undies online, I immediately thought that they were a scam. As someone who has been known to go through four super tampons in one day, I questioned whether a piece of cloth would work to absorb all of my daily menstrual flow.

I simply had to put them to the test.

So I went online and ordered a pair of high waisted undies in black, which the company claims these bad boys can hold up to one-and-a-half regular tampons worth of blood.

By my calculations, that works itself out to be about 11.5 grams of blood. Granted, I didn’t exactly grab a scale for this one.

About a week later my undies arrived in a small envelope. Another week later my period arrived and I put them to the test. I put them on the morning of my heaviest day and wore them for a solid 12 hours.

To my surprise, I went the entire day without leaking or feeling like I was sitting in a pool of my own blood, two concerns I had before I tried them out.

Another plus of these blood-shields is the fact that they are sleek and sexy. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a set of Depends adult diapers, but instead felt like I could walk a runway.

At the end of the day, I took them off and ran my finger over the absorbent part of the underwear. To my excitement, it was completely dry and my hand had no blood on it. Amazing!

Another great aspect of this product is the company you are supporting. For every pair of undies purchased, one goes to a person in need of menstrual protection.

Thinx also recognizes that not every person who menstruates is a woman, so they keep their undies very gender neutral by offering two colors, black and beige, and skipping the lace.

Not only do these undies feel great to wear, they are completely machine washable and reusable. Not only does this reduce the vast amount of waste from disposable products, but changes how periods are viewed.

Now periods are not something wrapped up in a paper and and thrown away in shame, they are something manageable and sustainable.

The company offers a 60 day money-back guarantee and discount when three pairs are purchased, as well as a promotion of $10 off the first purchase. There is nothing to lose by giving these a try, except those bulky pads and drying tampons.