Is recycling a priority at UVM?


Erin Powell, Cynic Correspondent

The slogan for saving the planet is “reduce, reuse, recycle” — not “dispose, dump, degrade.”

UVM is recognized for its commitment to preserving the environment.

However, despite the faculty’s best efforts, recycling just isn’t a priority for all UVM students.

Some students, like first year Caeli Rice, came to school with good waste disposal habits.

“At my house, we recycle everything we possibly can; it’s just so ingrained in me,” Rice said. “I don’t think everyone is as conscientious as my roommate and I. I see people on my hall just tossing everything in the trash. It’s really annoying when people don’t recycle stuff that is obviously recyclable.”

Not everyone was lucky enough to start school with eco-friendly knowledge.

“In my hometown, we don’t have the best recycling program, so recycling isn’t ingrained into me,” first-year Emily Schwartz said.

Dining halls have large compost bins for students to dispose of food waste.

“I have gotten used to composting after I eat, which I never did back home, but there hasn’t been the same push to recycle,” Schwartz said.

Recycling is accepted as a greener method of disposal than traditional waste management.

“I try my best; my roommate and I try to recycle everything we can,” first-year Rachel Gubar said. “Recycling makes the world a better place.”

But recycling can be an extra step many students are undermotivated to take, Gubar said.

“It can be a bit of an inconvenience because my room isn’t near the trash room,” she said. “As the year progresses and I get more stressed, I might not think about it as much, and my recycling habits might decline.”

One look into any on-campus housing and it can be seen how the difficulty of sorting waste is aggravated by the presence of a school-provided recycling bin for each room, yet nothing for trash.

“Neither my roommate nor I brought our own trash can, so we just throw everything in the one given to us,” first-year Stella Cunningham said. “I just threw away a big bag of stuff, I don’t even know what was in it.”

Many students’ care for the environment encourages them to adopt the attitude of first-year Logan Zandri. “Heck yeah, I recycle, bro,” he said.