It’s your voice, vote and decide

Johnny Sudekum, Writer

Has it really been almost four years? Its true it is almost time to dust off the I voted stickers and proudly stick them back on your chests, backpacks, hats and mason jars.

More than 37 percent of the people sitting around you in the library, buying lunch from the Marketplace and walking beside you to class who could vote did not in the 2008 election.

While a 63 percent turnout of electorates does show growth from previous years, this still means that more than one-quarter of our nations population is failing to participate in this election.

Why vote? Why waste time with something that will ultimately remain unchanged? Why take 30 minutes out of your busy day to vote, while instead you could stay locked up in your room watching cat videos on YouTube?

To put it simply: because you can.

As 8-year-old kids, when we saw a soccer ball lying precariously in a field of grass, we gave it a kick as hard as we could with no question. When we saw a button waiting to be pushed, we proudly gave it a push disregarding what might actually happen.

So why not vote simply because you can simply because you have absolutely nothing to lose and only an experience to gain?

When did 37 percent of us lose that ambition to do things in life simply for the mere joy of exercising our freedom? It seems that far more than 63 percent of the people I witness on Facebook are willing to spill their political guts on every minor move made by Obama and Romney.

Lets not let the 8-year-old version of ourselves abandon hope for our future selves. We all have buttons in front of us waiting to pushed.

If you are a registered voter and have a residence in Burlington, head to Edmunds Middle School to cast your vote, located at 275 Main St., Nov. 6.

Life is good. Keep it good. Vote.