Keeping break healthy

Spring break is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to dive into water and spend time in the sand and sun.

Use these quick tips to stay safe and healthy in an unfamiliar place and really enjoy that vacation.


Walk everywhere.


Why pay for transportation when you can get a little extra exercise in by walking? Not only will this keep you active, it will help you get familiar with your surroundings more quickly.

For even more exercise you can take the stairs instead of the elevator .


Pack a healthy snack.


Whether you’re going on a long day trip or lounging by the pool, you should pack yourself a snack.Try to stick to whole fruits, vegetables and nuts– they’ll be in abundance on that tropical island. 

When your food doesn’t have to have a nutrition label, you know you’ve made a healthy pick.




Facebook, Instagram and all those other social media sites can wait until you get home. Put phones and computers away to fully experience your surroundings.

By letting go of home and work, you are allowing yourself to truly relax and take advantage of that well-earned vacation time.


Stay together.


In an unfamiliar place, it can be easy to get lost. Although it sounds a bit elementary, grab a buddy and stick together. This way you can stay safe and explore at the same time.

Wherever you go, enjoy the chance to relax and step away from the stress of everyday life. You deserve it.