Kiss that hangover goodbye

Johnny Sudekum, Writer

The alarm sounds. Your head throbs and stomach turns. Let the Sunday morning hangover commence. Keep calm: there is a cure thats more effective than Advil, Tylenol and Ibuprofen combined.

Find your hiking boots, Nalgene, car or someone who has one and head east to the famous Mount Mansfield.

As you probably feel worse than after a night of dining at the Grundle, coffee is a necessary first step. Make a stop at the mecca of tourist information centers off of I-89 and get some free Green Mountain Coffee. The only catch is that you need to act like a tourist.
After you have consumed enough coffee, the drive to hangover salvation is only 45 minutes away. At this point you must look in the mirror and ask yourself: how hungover am I?

If your hangover looks worse than the Redstone Lofts and youre in search of the shortest distance to the summit, the Long Trail is the route for you. It is roughly 2.3 miles one way and is steep with cover overhead. This is usually the most popular of all the routes so expect at least a 15 minute delay from talking to fellow hikers you pass.

If you are the more seasoned, less hungover hiker, the Laura Cowles Trail reaches the summit in about 2.7 miles. It is the steepest of all the trails and should be hiked with caution.

If scenic views are your pleasure, the 3.3-mile Sunset Ridge Trail is perfect. Since this route is above the tree line for the majority of the hike, the views are amazing, but do not attempt this hike in any sort of foul weather.

As your hangover recedes, you should seek food. Conveniently, there are two key stops you should make.

The first is Cold Hollow Cider Mill, which offers apples in every form imaginable. There are apple salsas, mustards and spreads to buy, as well as applesauce and freshly made cider.

Second is the infamous Cabot Cheese stop. There are blocks of cheese from pepperjack to cheddar, and the Cabot staple: maple spread.
Now you can return to UVM a new person refreshed and hangover free.

Hangovers are bad, but life is always good.