Knee injury sparks filming inspiration


Everyone knows UVMÕs freeskiing team is talented through watching their various edits, yet many are unaware of the filming behind the scenes. First year, Steve Marshall, had his big debut this winter as the UVM Freeskiing TeamÕs videographer.

ÒWe brought Steve onto the team as our filmer this season. Throughout the winter he was always willing to spend his days on the mountain filming and putting together great edits showcasing the team,Ó said senior, Max Ebenstein, Vice President of the team.

ÒIt was great to have someone on the team with a passion for videography and who would put in the effort needed to film and cut quality edits,Ó he said.

Steve said he got into filming a few years ago when his own freestyle skiing was put on hold due to a knee injury.

ÒI used to be a big freestyle skier when I was younger and I just bought one of those little GoPro cameras and I actually ended up that year tearing my ACL so I couldnÕt do too much,Ó said Steve.

SteveÕs filming grew at his home mountain of Waterville Valley in New Hampshire.

ÒI had to wait like a certain amount of time for the swelling to go down so I would hike up into the park at Waterville and film my friends,Ó he said.

Steve explained that this experience allowed his love of filming to emerge. After his knee healed he continued to film while skiing alongside his friends.

His filming career became more serious when he landed the job with the UVM freeskiing team as he entered college.

ÒIt was this year I got the camera I have now and really learned how [it] works and stuff like that and how to control shots,Ó said Steve.

Jared Nacamp, Senior President of the freeskiing team described the positive influence Steve has had on the team this year.

ÒSteveÕs videos have helped to highlight all that we have accomplished individually and as a team this year,Ó said Jared.

Steve documented the teamÕs progress with his weekly ÒwebisodeÓ releases and also by posting on other internet videos blogs such as YouTube, and

ÒSteveÕs videos have improved the overall positive exposure of the team. This year, he released ÒwebisodesÓ that each had a different theme involved. For example, one was focused on pre-season off-hill training while another was focused on introducing members of the FST family to the public,Ó said Jared.

Necamp described Steve as motivated, approachable and easy-going.

ÒHis passion for what he does allows him to learn quickly and excel with any directions given to him. I think thatÕs why he has continued to learn and progress his filming/editing so much is because of that passion,Ó he said.

SteveÕs weekly webisode posts keep him in the loop with freeskiing videos around the world and keep the UVM team competitive nationally.

ÒThe freeskiing team pretty much just gave me the inspiration to keep working on it because they keep building,Ó Steve said.

Online video websites allow Steve to compare his videos to other filmerÕs posts and hear feedback on his clips.

ÒI still have the drive because there are still people better than me and even though theyÕre 1000 miles away I still want to be better,Ó said Steve.

Working with the UVM freeskiing team has allowed Steve to expand his filming from freestyle skiing to other action sports.

Next semester he will begin working in the UVM student life office as their filmer producing videos to help them market and promote their student life department.