Lay your noise down at Friday Pop Cafe

Friday Pop Caf?, the new music studio in Burlington, has launched their Free Recording Fridays campaign for those in Burlington who are invested in a career in the music industry.

Bands or solo artists can sign up for a four hour time slot and studio founder/producer Derek Pinkham, perhaps better known as his recording name Jack Chicago, will guide recording artists through the world of recording for free.

After stock trading in Chicago for two years where the moniker comes from the UVM alum said felt he was ready to get back into the music scene.

ÒI kind of gave up recording and just learned and played music, until in 2009 when I got back into it because computer and software programs got caught up to speed and quality,Ó Chicago said. ÒSo in the last 4 years I’ve been going nuts with recording.Ó

Chicago began his music pursuits in Los Angeles and started his own record label.

After schmoozing around and trying to establish a network, he moved to New York, where he tried to play as many gigs as he could in the West Village.

New York went well but I wanted to go home to Boston to chill out on my ambition,Ó he said.

Chicago fished his way to meeting his girlfriend, a UVM student who was returning to school in the fall.

She led me back here, where I still had some friends, he said I also stayed in touch with the music scene here, so I was welcomed.

Chicago used his entrepreneurial skills to seek out a spot to create a boutique studio in BurlingtonÕs city center.

He was already devoting 12 to 16 hours a day to music production, so when he happened upon the open place, he rented it.

When he found the studio, he wanted to start recording right way, so he created a space where people would feel comfortable engaging with their artistic creativity.

ÒItÕs a metaphorical caf?,Ó Chicago said. ÒI think of it as caffeinated pop and it feels like a caf?.Ó

Although business is going well, with clients from all over Vermont, mostly ranging from age 18 to 25, Chicago recognizes the challenges in the business and in the industry.

ÒItÕs a dying industry by the day,Ó he said. ÒIt is so hurting because there are no tangible products to sell so it is hard to scale it.Ó

Ultimately, Chicago has faith. His goal is to create a mantra that surrounds the local Vermont movement.

ÒI want to bring this studio into Burlington in a super natural way, with ÔBurlingtonÕs ownÕ records,Ó he said.

Free Recording Fridays is the studioÕs largest campaign but Chicago said people need to know what they want when they come in because heÕs trying to focus the caf? to be a Òstructured environment.Ó

ÒThe point of that is to get people to know that this is a high quality and professional studio that is dedicated to making audio for commercial purposes,Ó he said.

Those who mimic ChicagoÕs personal style and are interested in noncommercial production are welcome as well.

ÒI respect everyone but to take it seriously as a career from this point on, IÕm trying to produce music for commercial viable,Ó he said. I want to bring that dose of art to commercial music.Ó

To find out more about Friday Pop Caf? and free recording Fridays, visit