Foods for finals week

As the semester winds down, exams are approaching causing stress levels to rise.

Try some of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s recommended foods to boost brainpower.

1) Fish: Our bodies can’t make EPA and DHA, the fatty acids found in fish, so we need to get it from our diet. These omega-3s help your brain, heart and joints. If you don’t like fish, grab some almonds!

2) Blueberries: This antioxidant rich fruit may help improve short-term memory, according to studies done by Tufts University.

3) Broccoli: Rich in Vitamin K, this green vegetable “enhances cognitive function and brain power,” according to

4) Pumpkin seeds: If you still have any left over from your Halloween pumpkins, grab a handful! They are full of zinc, which helps enhance memory and thinking skills.