Ending the semester


The first-years have done it. They have survived their first semester of college.

With the last few weeks  of the fall semester taking a serious turn in terms of final exams and weather changes, Kaylee Ellis and Jess Wolfe have to adjust to new challenges as they begin to prepare for their second semester.

“Finals were good,” Wolfe said, who finished all of her exams within the first couple days of finals week.

However, Ellis said that her exam schedule was a little different.

Ellis said she had to remain on campus throughout finals week in preparation for her exam on the final day before winter break.

While some students  take time away from studying to participate in the end of the semester Naked Bike Ride, neither chose to partake, they said.

She just hung out with friends in her residence hall, Wolfe said.

“I think it’s a cool event, but I was really sick and it was too cold to go outside,” Wolfe said.

Ellis also chose to stay indoors and watch Netflix rather than brave the cold, she said.

“I think I’ll participate in the spring, but I just wasn’t feeling it this semester,” Ellis said.

The end of the semester also brought the first snow fall of the year and a drop in temperatures, but neither of the students seemed to mind.

“We love the winter,” Ellis and Wolfe said simultaneously. Both students are Jeanne Mance residents and said that they both love to wander in the snow.

“Some kids set up a snowboarding ramp behind Jeanne Mance, which is pretty cool,” Wolfe said.

“They’ve just been doing tricks outside and it’s fun to watch. Everyone gets so hyped,” she said. “I also really like to throw snowballs at people.”

Check back next month as the first-years take on new classes, new challenges and experience their first Burlington winter.