Love is good

Johnny Sudekum, Writer

Valentines day. Singles awareness day. Buying chocolates for your man. Eating a pint of chocolate therapy while watching 50 First Dates. Hiring the Top Cats to perform My Girl in a cappella. Repeating James Blunts Your Beautiful on your iPod.

On a day where love is in the air, its unfortunate that so many potential lovers are in such a fog.

I watched the movie Old School not too long ago and cant help but think back to Vince Vaughns wedding speech for Will Ferrell. In short, true love is blind. Yet while love may be blind, most of us are not.

The Water Towers I Want You so Bad column does a good job of putting feelings out there to your secret crush that guy in your chemistry class, that girl you see at Brennans.

As a reader of the Water Tower, I can literally feel the emotional angst pouring from the pages of each lustful crusher.

The crushee, on the other hand, is a different creature.

Walking around campus on a Monday, one can witness the amount of students dissecting these poems to see if they were the chosen one.

While I have absolutely nothing against the Water Tower or I Want You so Bad, I wonder why people not do something more spontaneous than encrypting their love in the form of poem.

My buddy Ben Danowitz told me a story earlier this semester.

One day, during a weekday library session like any other, this junior with a larger set of go-nads than most walked right up to a fellow library-goer: Would you like to grab some coffee sometime? was his proposition, fiery and proud. Well, the coffee date ensued, and now they are dating.

Valentines Day. Tis the season of love, or at least honest attempts at it. Step out of your comfort zones and library seats to tell somebody that you think theyre neat.

If shyness be your game, the least you can do is muster up a smile for your crush and brighten their day.

But maybe practice in the mirror beforehand in order to avoid a creepy Steve Buschemi-esque effect.

So happy Valentines day from me to you. And if you see someone who catches your eye, maybe youll make their day.

Spontaneity is good most of the time. If need be, Ben and Jerrys is good some of the time. And life is good all the time.