Majors and Minors Fair helps students pick academic path


Bernadette Higgs, Cynic Correspondent

The choice is made and the deposit is in, but the daunting drop-down menu for declaring a major on the UVM enrollment form remains undecided.

Choosing a major and minor can be an intimidating task, but the Majors and Minors Fair helped students find the best fit for them.

The event was held from 2-4 p.m. Nov. 3 in the Davis Center Grand Maple Ballroom and included a chance to speak with staff from all seven colleges, career services, study abroad office and more.

The goal of the event was to give students who are unsure of their major an opportunity to meet with representatives from various departments, said peer advising coordinator Isora Lithgow.

The fair allowed students to “ask questions to help them get a better idea of what they may want to study,” Lithgow said

According to UVM’s Center for Academic Success, the fair helps students answer questions like “what kind of job can I get with my major?” and, “how can I get involved in research?”

Along with representatives from numerous academic departments, there were also representatives from the Honors College and the Sustainability Program at the event.

Lithgow hoped students would go into this event eager to ask questions and discover all the majors and minors that UVM has to offer, she said.

“Some majors and minors at UVM are hidden,” Lithgow said, and the fair is space that displays all the options and information to students who might not have found it on their own.

UVM has the same core majors as any university, like biology and English, but few know there are minors in subjects like soil science or majors like zoology, Lithgow said.

Choosing a major that suits a student’s interests and where the work is enjoyable is important, she said.

Though the Majors and Minors Fair is an annual event, the Advising Center is the place to go for any advice and information about the many majors and minors UVM has to offer.

The Advising Center is located on the first floor of the Davis Center beside the Hub and FeelGood headquarters.

The center is a system of peer advising for students that need help with most anything college-related, according to their website.

Whether it be deciding on a major or just figuring out which classes to register for, the peer advisers are there to help according to the Advising Center’s website.

This year’s Majors and Minors Fair differed from previous years with an addition of a minor-advising component.

“Your major isn’t the be-all end-all,” Lithgow said. “Get involved and stay involved. Find a balance between being engaged in the community and being engaged in your academics.”