Meet your candidates: Adam Crawford

What is your number one issue if you are elected to office?

I’d like to see visual changes to this University, more trees around campus, solar panels, another windower, and at least one sidewalk sweeper for every five plows or so to clear the walk when the snow melts and to recope all that damn salt that is killing the lake, destroying the water table, and could be reused next winter.

What experiences here at UVM do you feel qualify you for holding the office of SGA president?

Being the president to me is about being as knowledgeable about issues as possible, since I’ve been at UVM I’ve been on the crew team, in a play, a president of a fraternity, a lifeguard, in trouble with Res Life, in the senate, a mentor in the DREAM program, a math tutor, a neighborhood liaison, I’ve lived here for a summer, I’ve been hunting and I milked cows. The last three experiences are ones that especially connect me to the community as well as Vermont.

In what ways do you feel being active in student government is beneficial to yourself and the University?

Being active has helped keep me informed about the issues that matter most to students. I think I have benefitted the university because they have almost $100,000 of my family’s money and are ensured at least another $15000. Who’s to say I wouldn’t have gone here if not for the senate? But! I am certainly more attuned to my classes as a result and a much bigger contribution to this school as well.

What should we do with the bus on weekend nights to deal with some of the problems?

More buses is a great solution. High densities of students cause frustration within students especially those who are not being granted entrance to the bus. Frustration leads to negative talk which leads to negative actions. In this equation, reducing the density of students is the best solution and the more buses we have running more frequently, the less we will have people complaining about not being allowed on.