Mind the gap: females orgasm less than men

The Dapper Vagina

We have all heard of the wage gap: the average white female makes about 77 cents to the white man’s dollar.

The gap increases for women of color and trans women. Common knowledge.

Less commonly known, however, is the orgasm gap.

The orgasm gap is a phenomenon referring to the lack of orgasms in women having heterosexual sex compared to their male counterparts, according to a 2016 study by Psychology Today.

There is a 52 percent orgasam gap between men and women, according to the study.

Ninety one percent of men said they had an orgasm during their last heterosexual encounter, while this was true for only 39 percent of women, according to the study.

Even more shocking: when men were asked if their partner had an orgasm during their last sexual encounter, 85 percent of men said yes, even though only 39 percent of women had actually had an orgasm.

So what gives?

Anatomically speaking, yes, it is easier for men to have an orgasm than women according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine. In fact, it takes women longer to have an orgasm than it takes men.

The same study, however, revealed that women who identified as lesbians had more orgasms than their straight counterparts.

Our society doesn’t talk too much about female pleasure. From my experience in sex ed class the clitoris is often neglected, while male orgasm and ejaculation is heavily discussed, most likely because those are what can get you pregnant.

Sex scenes in movies always showcase guy-on-top penetrative sex, which is probably the worst sex act and position for women to achieve orgasm. These scenes also showcase the man and woman climaxing at the same time, and sex being over after the guy finishes.

Other reasons for the orgasm gap are the stigmas surrounding women engaging in casual sex and body image issues.

It is pretty hard to orgasm when you are concerned about how fat you look at a certain angle.

So what do we do? Communication is key, especially if you are with a new partner.

Women, don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your partner exactly what you want. Nobody can read minds.

Men, maybe try to follow the “ladies first” policy when having sex so you know that when you are finished, you can truly be finished.

If worst comes to worst, practice makes perfect —and nobody minds a little extra practice when it comes to “getting it on.”