Mirabelle’s Cafe: breakfast worth waking for

Usually when my alarm goes off at 7:30 in the morning I blindly turn it off and roll over.

But this day was different. I remembered why I had set my alarm for such an ungodly hour. I wasnt awake to crawl to work or class, I was up early so I could go out to breakfast with friends.

As soon as we entered Mirabelles Cafe on Main Street, we were greeted by the subtle smell of sugar baking and a friendly waiter who brought us to a table. Mirabelles is made up of one large, yellow room, half of which is a counter covered in confections and baked goods, the other a seating area with a wide front window overlooking the street.

The pleasant and unobtrusive music playing was just the right thing for early morning eaters like us, although there werent too many other people dining just yet. Our menus were brought out and specials were written up on a sideboard.

Everything sounded so good. They even had a make-your-own omelet option that had such a wide variety of ingredients to choose from. I dont know how anyone couldnt find something to enjoy, except the vegans. Im a vegetarian and it was good to see options on their menu that didnt come with sausage or bacon (not that I couldnt have added those to any option on the menu if I had wanted to), but every meal either involved eggs, dairy or both.

So, if you are of the vegan orientation, this may not be the place for you. But my friends and I all found something to sink our teeth into. After discovering that they make their own granola in-house, I ordered a parfait. One of my friends ordered an omelet with spinach, cheddar and goat cheese, the other ordered a popover with eggs, broccoli and spinach. I had never seen or tried a popover before so when it came out with the rest of our food in record time I was amazed to see a fluffy, flaky pastry filled with fried eggdoesnt that make your mouth water?

My other friends plate also looked delicious. The eggs were fried to perfectionnot too runny, not too crispy. But it was the home fries that came with both of their meals that really amazed us. The potatoes had been finely shredded, mixed with diced onions and pressed into a huge skillet to make one large pie of potatoey-goodness that was fried until golden and cut into individualized wedges. Ingenious, though a little bit bland-tasting. Luckily there was salt and pepper at hand. Problem solved!

My bowl of yogurt and granola came piled high with fruit that made me think of spring and warm weather. Of course none of the fruit was fresh or local (there was some pineapple and mango in there) but then again it is winter in Vermont, so can we really hold it against them? Conversation lulled as we dug in to our meals. My friend tore into her popover exclaiming, So much cheese in here! as she happily put a fork full in her mouth.

With our stomachs full and plates spotless, the bill came. While my wallet wasnt emptied, a dent was made. My meal was around $7, and the girls meals were about $10 or $11 each. At the register we got to see the colorful spread of French macaroons they bake along with flakey croissants, fruity scones, and salted chocolates.

Its really unfair that they put those things right by the register and I ended up buying a croissant for a friend who couldnt come along to breakfast, and judging by his smile when I presented it to him, it was worth it.

Mirabelles Cafe is located at 198 Main St. and is open 7-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8-2:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.