Moving Downtown

Starting your junior year at UVM often means starting your life in an off-campus house.

This includes an extra 20-minute walk to your morning classes, spending your real-life money on groceries (that you can’t eat all in one sitting or you will be broke) and living alongside obscure Burlington residents/lizard people.

Another part of this process is moving in with all your friends under one roof.

Most of my roommates chose to spend the summer in Burlington, getting a head start on their time together in our new house. In that time, two of them started dating and every single one of them met each other’s parents – and are now able to quote each of them.

Now that school has started, I’ve moved into my room and begun my own downtown experience.

These first few days have been filled with avoiding the people I’ve pissed off in my first two years, and avoiding classes to spend my time switching my schedule, major and future life plans.

However, it has also included coming home each day to a group of my favorite people, as the sounds of muffled Russian conversations and the musical stylings of Courtney Barnett welcome me home.  

Despite living in complete squalor due to my lack of furniture, being able to wake up in the morning and search for my own Special K in my own (communal) kitchen and eat it out of my own (communal) bowl with my own (communal) spoon and return to my own (not communal) bed to eat it, has been indescribable.

The pleasure of finally being able to watch Netflix, independent of roommates’ sleep schedules or a hall of judgemental strangers that know you watch Friday Night Lights repeats every hour of every day, is a beautiful step toward adulthood.

I can’t wait for our adult-esque social security-themed house party this weekend, and to see what the rest of the year with these lovely people will have in store.