New chocolate style

A new, award winning chocolate maker has arrived in Burlington and will be sure to make your mouth water.

Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker, owned and founded by Eric Lampman has already won two ÒGood Food AwardsÓ this year.

The shop moved into South End Kitchen located on Pine Street in January.

The company is owned by Lake Champlain Chocolates but serves a very different purpose.

Lake Champlain Chocolates is a confectionary, while Blue Bandana Chocolate is simply a chocolate maker, Lampman said.

ÒI love Lake Champlain Chocolates, I can only imagine Blue Bandana Chocolate is amazing too,Ó junior Abigail Cook said.

Blue Bandana is founded on the principles of Òquality, transparency, taste of place and the craft process,Ó according to their Facebook page.

Cocoa beans are rare in the U.S., so Lampman said he gets them, along with much of his inspiration, through his travels.

ÒSome of the trips have purely been exploratoryÑtrying to learn what the state of cocoa is in the country or region, at the producer level,Ó he said.

ÒOther elements are trying to find a bean flavor profile and quality that I like, and is right for Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker,Ó Lampman said.

Blue Bandana works closely with farms in Guatamala. Many of LampmanÕs trips to Guatamala were to connect face-to-face with those who farmed the cocoa beans for the company.

Lampman said he hopes this model of transparency and connection to the entire supply chain will be an example for the future of chocolate making.

ÒIt is interesting to see how much goes into the making of a chocolate bar,Ó junior Danielle Allendorf said. ÒIt gives you a higher level of appreciation for the product.Ó

Lampman said he hopes to see a new dimension of chocolate culture in Burlington, a continued participation with the worldÕs cocoa producers and a Òpositive impact at the community and farmer level.Ó