New club gains global perspective

First years Harry Goldman and Nathaniel Hays sat in their international relations class, both with a background in Model United Nations (U.N.) club from their high schools. These common interests were enough to encourage them to found the International Relations/Model U.N. club at UVM. The club is for students to get together and explore shared interests about international issues, Hays said. These issues include human rights, environmental issues, cultural concerns and crises that are happening around the world. “International relations is just a formal phrase for knowing and learning about regional and international policies and applying it in different situations,” Goldman said. “We want to hold our own … conference sessions to introduce new members to what they’ll be facing in real U.N. conferences,” he said. Goldman had the idea to form the club and asked for help from the professor of his international relations class. Hays then contacted Goldman and showed interest, wanting to start the club as well, he said.  “The biggest surprise to me was that an international relations club didn’t already exist,” Hays said. After meeting and discussing matters with the chair of the political science department, Goldman spoke to professor Robert Bartlett who Goldman said was genuinely interested and became the adviser of the club for support.  “We want an adviser who we know will be there for support, but at the same time we do not want to rely on our adviser,” Hays said. “Our ultimate goal is for members to use what they learn from our club to help them with things beyond UVM,” Goldman said. “We want to improve their international strength and cooperation on the global stage.” “Ideally, in a couple of years, we should be able not only to foster new ideas and conferences but also be able to send people across the world,” Hays said.