No Bake Cookies

This is one of the best recipes around, and I personally have been enjoying it since about the age of 2. My grandmother’s No Bake Cookies recipe. Whether for a party or just a quick snack, this recipe is perfect and the best part? It’s wicked easy! Ingredients: 2 cups of sugar ¼ a cup of cocoa ½ a cup of milk 1 stick of margarine ½ a cup of peanut butter 3 cups of quick cooking oats 1 tsp of vanilla Step 1: Mix the first four ingredients in saucepan. Put the heat on medium. Cook until your mixture begins to boil. Remove and allow to cool for approximately two minutes. Step 2: Add the remaining three ingredients. Stir well. Drop by teaspoons onto waxed paper. This can either be eaten immediately or cooled to harden. Best stored in an airtight container! Enjoy!