No Boots? No Problem!

Virtually everyone values some aspect of the natural world. We praise nature for the inspirational and recreational outlets it may provide- it is our paradise in a fast paced society that otherwise lacks tranquility. Sure, everyone loves nature, but how sincerely do we integrate the natural world into our lives?

I, for one, have succumbed to the hustle and bustle of my academic life, a slave to the many obligations that, unfortunately, do not leave much room for developing any sort of spiritual relationship with the natural world. The closest I have come to embracing nature as of lately would be the asparagus fern and bamboo plant I bought at Home Depot, both of which recently died. It is safe to say that my interactions with nature have been both shamefully and painfully limited.

For those who find themselves in a situation similar to my own, there is a solution- one that does not involve hiking boots, parkas, or walking sticks. I know of a place where flora and fauna beckon at your fingertips, eagerly awaiting reverence; where exquisitely manipulated rocks, roots, and gourds provide sensible delight; where delicate landscapes and diverse cultures fuse to create colorful depictions of the natural world. This place is not a figment of my imagination, but a treasure provided to you by your very own Fleming Museum. The Fleming Museum has completely out-done itself with its new suite of exhibitions, An Eye Toward Nature, which encompasses the theme of the natural world. These lively exhibitions present a variety of ways in which artists choose to interact with natural phenomena, and provide ample opportunity for one to establish a more meaningful and diverse relationship with the natural world. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Fleming Museum and experience nature at its best- no hiking boots required!

Free admission with UVM student I.D.

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