Normally Unpredictable

This winter has consisted of record breaking storms to a drastic change of temperatures from one day to the next. The week before break went from -22 degrees to 40 in a matter of days.

I was watching the weather the other day and the weather reporters finally admitted that they could not predict the weather for this week coming up.

This strange mix of weather we have had this winter shows that there is something is wrong with the normal weather patterns.

I do not feel that winter is disappearing like believed by the start of the winter in November where we had almost a month of rain. It could be that the winter season is just shifting times of the year. Either forward or back because of the snow in October or the real start of this winter in late start in January.

Last year alone we had record lows for snowfall but areas in the west were having record highs. I have come to believe that each area of skiing gets absolutely ham-mered with snow and epic condition about every six years.

The last year that the East Coast had some of the most incredible skiing was 2000 when there were three foot snow storms in March and a foot alone on New Years Day. But that year also started out slow like this season.

I was in Lake Tahoe over winter break and they were having a rough season too and kept apologizing to us for the terrible conditions. But just last year they had received 22 feet in the month of March alone.

The snow in the past used to come down more like with six inches every weekend but now it all comes at once like the Valentines Day storm. But just two Decembers ago there was over one week a five foot storm before Christmas that was copletely melted before the end of the week.

With skiing in the East, it is great when the snow is here, yet there is a very limited window since the snow does not last long. Last weekend my father and I were skiing 1000 feet of vertical of untract bottomless powder.

As they say in New England if you do not like the weather wait five minutes. All I can predict for the winters ahead of us is more unpredictability, which is bad news for weather based industries.