One quest to find the best VT vegan pizza

Vegan pizza is mysterious. How can one of America’s favorite junk foods be any good without the cheese and the meat?

I’m not vegan myself, but I have a dairy allergy that forces me to seek out vegan options a lot of the time when eating out.

I have toured the Burlington area searching for the perfect vegan pizza pie. Thankfully,there were a surprisingly large number available. Here are the best:




This is a seriously tasty vegan pizza. Leonardo’s forgoes the classic red sauce for a delicious olive oil garlic sauce. Red onions, white mushroom, tomatoes and black olives are piled on top and mix perfectly with the melted “cheese.” You can even get this on a certified organic wheat or gluten-free crust. I have eaten an entire large pie of this by myself in one sitting. It pairs extremely well with Sriracha.



I consider this place to have the best pizza in Burlington overall. It’s expensive, but so worth it for the quality ingredients and the traditional Neapolitan-style wood-fired oven perfection.  Thankfully, they offer Daiya cheese, a vegan cheese substitute, as an option for any of their pizzas. Daiya cheese makes a great pizza cheese because it melts really well and, in my opinion, tastes better melted than not.


This is true vegan pizza, topped with herbed tofu, scallion, buffalo sauce and tahini. This pizza is respectable because it’s not just trying to mimic pizza, it stands alone as a dish. This pizza is super flavorful, but is only served on Fridays.