One Revolution delivers the goods

One Revolution LLC is a pickup and delivery service entirely based on bicycles that aims to support a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. One Revolution provides service for all of Burlington, as well as some communities in Shelburne and Winooski. The company was created by a small group of family members and friends, but numbers have not stopped it from expanding rapidly. One Revolution provides fresh produce delivery from local farms, a catering service from Vermont restaurants and a newly founded compost pickup program, according to the website. Because One Revolution focuses on environmental sustainability, the importance of local farms and fresh organic produce is a key part of the company. One Revolution delivers produce weekly from farms and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs. Although the environment is a major focus, helping other local businesses is one of the main goals of One Revolution. “The real goal is to have a viable business and support other small local businesses in our region,” founder of One Revolution Mark Bromley said. The CSA and farm produce suppliers include: Jericho Settlers’ Farm, Intervale Food Hub and Pete’s Greens. Produce can be delivered to individuals’ homes or offices, and enables people to save time grocery shopping and support local farms. “We do about 12-15 major deliveries of produce per week, along with other types of deliveries,” Bromley said. Along with the delivery of farm-fresh produce, One Revolution also delivers catered food from local restaurants such as On the Rise Bakery and Mirabelle’s Café. Orders can be called in to the restaurants and requested to be delivered by bike, providing a more environmentally friendly option, according to the website. Deliveries can be made straight to UVM campus, allowing students a healthy and eco-friendly dining possibility. “I think it’s a great way to help the environment and to eat healthier food,” first year Molly Prey said. Aside from food delivery, One Revolution has recently launched a pilot program for compost pickup and delivery. Through this program, people can leave their compost outside to be picked up by a cyclist, and after the waste has been converted into useable compost, it is returned to the customer. This system, while convenient for students, also has the potential to substantially cut down on the amount of waste that goes to landfills, as well as the fuel it takes to transport such waste, according to the website. Other bike delivery services offered by One Revolution include: same day package delivery, recycling pickup, wholesale distribution, retail delivery and custom delivery to the home or office. “We continue to get more inquiries as people see the possibilities of what we can do,” Bromley said. One Revolution is doing its part to make an environmental and social impact that will hopefully influence larger companies still relying on transportation that is harmful to the earth. “There is no reason why a package needs to be delivered by car or truck,” Bromley said.