Perfecting the wine swirl


courtesy of Dedalus Wine Bar

Alexandra Shannon, Staff Writer

With an elegant swish of a thin stemmed glass, the wine’s scent floats into the air. And as long as it doesn’t “smell like a wet basement,” it’s a good wine.

This proper swirling technique was one bit of wine knowledge I gained from my evening at Dedalus wine bar.

Tucked away on artsy Pine Street, near Speeder and Earl’s and Arts Riot, Dedalus is still unfamiliar to UVM students.

Wine is not the first alcoholic beverage that pops into mind when thinking about Burlington.

However, the hand-made, indie wine selection Dedalus boasts seems to fit perfectly alongside its iconic counterparts like Citizen Cider, Switchback and Zero Gravity.

There’s something tempting about getting cozy with a glass of wine and savory food on a raw winter night, but the idea of entering a wine bar as a college student is daunting.

However, stepping into the wine bar, the staff warmly received our party of four.

The building offers a chic warehouse vibe, filled with small, bright features.

These included a beautifully tiled bar area with different shades of green, gray and white, and smooth, cool wooden tables.

Elements like these transported customers to a hidden Barcelona vinoteca.

We knew we wanted to order cheese and red wine, but, we had no idea where to go from there.

However, part of the beauty of being at a wine bar is having a sommelier, a wine steward, assigned to your table.

Our somm, an enthusiastic young woman named Brittany Galbratih, guided us in ordering the perfect bottle.

We were surprised to hear that the chef had been informed it was our friend’s birthday and played Taylor Swift’s “22” on the restaurant’s speaker.

Though I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and took part in wine tastings there, I still feel like my wine wisdom is minimal, at best.

Our somm did not dwell on our unfamiliarity with wine, but instead educated us.

She discussed types of grapes, regions famous for winemaking and various facts about the bottle.

Besides drinking wine we enjoyed a cheese board with English varieties that are handpicked by Dedalus’ cheesemonger each week.

The edible aspects were great, but one of our favorite parts was learning how to properly swirl our wine glasses.

The glasses themselves were delicate Zaltos, an incredible step up from the Target wine glasses in our apartment.

We could have stayed there all night, opening and closing the menu, ordering more $1 oysters and learning about their immense wine collection and weekly classes.

I recommend any wine drinkers to give Dedalus a try, even if it’s just for their free wine tasting every Thursday.