Plan ahead: registering for a solid schedule

As class registration nears, students may seek advice to calm their nerves about making crucial academic decisions.

“I am doing fine, but I know a lot of my first-year friends are stressed out about making a class schedule and getting the classes they want,” junior Esther Hershkovits said.

College of Arts and Sciences adviser Elizabeth Dunbar and Career Center counselor Mary Beth Barritt offered some tips to help students with class registration.

Have a plan

“Be prepared as possible and have a plan B,” Dunbar said.

Getting up early, checking your CATS report and writing course registration numbers down with backups in advance are first steps.

Checking your CATS report allows you to track your remaining requirements and provide you with your major GPA.

Experience learning

“College: it’s not just about ‘here’s my degree plan,’ but what is it that I want to learn, and how do I get experience?” Barritt said.

UVM offers credit for internships and service learning courses that can lead students to finding potential career interests.

Talk to an adviser

Talking to career and academic advisers can help students understand graduation requirements. Advisers can also recommend courses that match a student’s interests.

Although advisers are there to help, it is ultimately up to the student to stay on track.

“In the end, it’s a student’s responsibility to get the requirements to graduate on time,” Dunbar said.


transferable skills

“One piece that students neglect is skill building; What courses do you need to build some skills?” Barritt said.

Job and field-related skills such as writing and critical thinking gained from classes can apply to multiple career paths and enhance resumes.

Explore interests

“The most important thing you should be thinking about is what are you passionate about,” Barritt said.

Keeping an open mind and taking classes that fit your interests and strengths make students more successful academically, Barritt and Dunbar said.