PostSecret visits UVM

Frank Warren, founder of PostSecret, welcomed a sold-out crowd inside the Ira Allen Chapel and dealt with issues from suicide to SAT scores.

Warren founded PostSecret in November of 2004 while roaming the streets near his home in Washington, D.C and asking people to share their secrets.

Warren said that at first he told almost no one about his project only his mother, father and wife. He said that initially his wife didnt understand, but was supportive.

Three months into his project, he received a postcard that said: The holes are from my Mom trying to knock down the door so she could continue beating me.

Warren said this was a turning point for him because it reminded him of his own childhood.

I was hiding secrets from myself, he said.

He now raises suicide awareness and said if we share our secrets, it will give courage for others to do the same and for some to reach out.

Sometimes the smallest thing we do can make the biggest impact in a persons life, Warren said.

After several audience members shared secrets, he closed by claiming that secrets can have the power to bring people closer.

I have a wish, that the same feeling of compassion that we all feel here right now go beyond these walls, and [you] remember the courage that your classmates trusted you with tonight.