Q & A with Connor Daley

Katy Cardin

For the second time in UVM history, the SGA president will be running for a second term. Junior Connor Daley sat down with The Cynic to talk about his decision to run again.

Cynic: Why did you decide to run for a second term?

Daley: “Even though we finished a lot of projects, many of our long-term projects, like advising and Career Services, I’d like to see through. There are projects [we started] that I feel are really important for continued leadership to be apart of. Also the institutional knowledge I have is an asset to the senate. I’ve really enjoyed helping out all the other senators learn to navigate the University.”

Cynic: What are some specific things that your continued leadership could benefit?

Daley: “I really want to see Catamount Zone expanded. They wanted to do a pilot year and it hasn’t been done in a lot of other places because Burlington is so unique in the way it’s set up, so I really want to see that expanded.

“Also Career Services, we just made those proposals; Tom Sullivan is about to make it public what’s going to get funded and what’s not so I really want to be apart of that.

“The advising as well, we reworked the portal over the summer with the registrar’s office, but I think content now is a big issue. We reformatted it but now its time to improve it. I think I can contribute much more to students because, what can you get done in a year with such a complex institution? I’ve been doing a lot of listening and learning and now it’s a lot easier for me to plan actual things out.”

Cynic: What are some new projects you would like to implement or continue to work on if you were to be reelected?

Daley: “I think what we should work on is providing resources for students who are going to live off campus. They’re just cast off into Burlington if they live off campus, and it’s not to say that students aren’t smart and cant figure it out, but a lot of them get taken advantage of by landlords and things, so I’d like to see them get some education on that before they move off campus.

“We also plan to work to change the diversity requirement. Learning is not just sitting in class anymore, so making the diversity requirement more experiential is something I really want to help with.”

Cynic: Is there anything that you experienced during your current term that you think you could improve on or do differently in the future?

Daley: “I can always be better. I think we need to do a better job, me in particular, communicating back to students about things. A lot of the meetings I go to are open to students, but I’m providing feedback for students. So on thing that SGA has failed at for years is relaying that information back to students. It’s letting people know how it is going to affect them.”

A debate between all candidates will be held March 25 in the Sugar Maple Ballroom. Elections will take place March 27-28.