Revolution Kitchen sizzles

The doors are officially open at downtownÕs new eatery Revolution Kitchen, BurlingtonÕs first exclusive all-vegetarian restaurant.

Located on 9 Center Street, Revolution Kitchen opened its doors for the first time this past August. Its owners describe the menu, featuring food from a combination of different regions, as Òeclectic vegetarian.Ó

Revolution Kitchen proprietors Debra and Peter Maisel said their latest venture is the fifth vegetarian restaurant they have owned, their first having been in Portland, Ore., where Debra Maisel said they helped Òstart the local revolution when it hardly existed.Ó

The inspiration for Revolution Kitchen was derived from the coupleÕs award-winning restaurant in New YorkÕs Hudson Valley region, Luna 61, which featured local, organic ingredients and provided the students of nearby Bard College with a unique vegetarian experience.

ÒI saw seventeen graduating classes leave Luna 61, and really connected to the students,Ó Maisel said. ÒIt was a fun, fun place. We really enjoyed ourselves there.Ó

Having visited Burlington for the past eight yearsÑboth of their children attended the UniversityÑ, she said she and her husband noticed a void in the culinary scene when it came to purely vegetarian food.

ÒWe always wondered where the vegetarian restaurant was, every place only had ÔoptionsÕ,Ó Maisel said. ÒWe also like to create environments where people can get to know their neighbors.Ó

In a surprising twist, Maisel said that 80 percent of their customers are meat eaters. ÒIÕm not looking to turn anyone into a vegetarian; I want people to eat a clean meal,Ó said Maisal.

Their portion sizes are large but they acknowledge that their price point is relatively steep for the average college studentÑ most entrees cost between $10 and $20.

But Maisel justified their prices because of what their food is made from: organic and local ingredients. They are proud to source nearly all of their food from local farms, such as Half-Pint Farm, Arethusa Farm, PeteÕs Greens and Arcana Gardens, sourcing their meat alternatives from Rhapsody Tempe and Vermont soy.

ÒWe have never once ordered from [major food distributor] Sysco,Ó Maisel said. ÒThis way, our menu changes with the seasons, which we enjoy.Ó

Revolution Kitchen is open six days a week from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.