Saturday recovery breakfast

Heads throbbing, eyes red and glazed — hordes of people wake up Saturday, and after a few morning rituals, are ready to feast.Cold pizza and unlabeled Tupperware is usually a breakfast of champions — but not today, no, today is the day something majestic is made.Begin by washing your hands.  Opening the bacon, place as many strips as you can on the pan without overlapping and fry it over medium heat.Keep an eye on the bacon to make sure the grease doesn’t start popping too fiercely, and start warming up the second pan with the butter in it.Chop your two tomatoes and peppers into fine cubes and toss them in the pan with the butter.  Shake it around to spread them evenly. Let them fry for a minute or two in the butter.Meanwhile, begin slicing your Portobellos into long strips and toss them in with the tomatoes. Check on the bacon.  If one side is beginning to crisp, then it might be time to flip the strips.In your mixing bowl put the ¼ cup of flour in and break two eggs over it. Mix vigorously until the batter is uniform in texture; if it is too thick then add some of the milk to thin it.By now, the bacon should certainly be cooked on at least one side.  Keep in mind to look for not only stiffness in the strip, but a deep crimson color in the meatier parts.The longer you allow the bacon to cook the more lean it will become, but also it will eventually become dry and brittle.Keep stirring the tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers, trying to avoid crowding as much as possible.When the bacon is cooked have a plate covered in paper towels on standby.  Pick up a strip with tongs or a fork and let the grease drip off and place it on the plate.The paper towels will absorb the excess grease; meanwhile, place the next batch of bacon into the pan.Slice your avocado in half and remove the pit. If you place the avocado half on its flat side, you can easily skin it and cut it into chunks, slices, cubes or whatever you prefer.Pour the egg mix over the pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes and immediately add to it any spices you enjoy on your eggs — pepper, cumin, cilantro and salt taste great.Place the avocado bits into the omelet and, after the egg begins to cook and solidify, generously squeeze lemon juice into the pan.Timing the bacon and the omelet to cook simultaneously can be difficult, but don’t let the preparation of either one get in the way of the other and no unmanageable problems should arise.Use the spatula to persuade the omelet out of the pan and serve up a side of bacon and enjoy.Ingredients:2 Eggs¼ Cup flour¼ Cup milk1 Avocado1 Portobello mushroom                1 Red pepper1 Lemon2 Medium-sized tomatoes¼ Stick of butter1 Pack of bacon2 Frying pans1 Spatula1 Mixing bowl1 Sharp knife1 Fork