Save the planet: invest in a spork

The Eco-Rep team is looking to reduce waste at UVM through reusable containers.

“The Eco-Ware program was started in 2011 by a collaboration of UVM Dining, Eco-Reps, Greenhouse RLC Students, Honors College students and the UVM Waste Management Team,” said sophomore Kristi Carr, the Eco-Reps’ student manager.

“The point of using Eco-Ware is to reduce waste from to-go containers,” Carr said.

“By using an Eco-Ware container, you’re not only reducing waste but also reducing the amount of packaging material UVM has to buy for standard to-go containers and utensils,” she said.

Eco-Ware containers cost $7.50, according to the Office of Sustainability’s website, but provide a 15 cent discount when used for points purchases. Sporks cost $1 and add an additional 5 cent discount.

After eating, students can return the container to a cashier in exchange for a “cow tag,” which will allow them to use another container the next time they purchase a meal on campus.bob builder

“If one person eats two take-out meals per day every week during the academic year, then that person will use at least 340 to-go plates and boxes,” Carr said. “Last semester, Eco-Ware usage was cut in half, which was a big blow for the Eco-Reps.”

The Eco-Reps are working to educate students on the importance of Eco-Ware by tabling in the Davis Center, the Marche, Brennan’s and dining halls, she said.

“Through the reduce, reuse and recycle campaign, we’re trying to encourage students to reduce waste first, then either reuse or recycle that waste,” Carr said.