Savoring the last sunshine & sleep in syllabus week

Katie Brobst, Life Assistant Editor

Syllabus week has come and gone.

There was a unique atmosphere on UVM’s campus.

Whether you are dragging your feet to class or are more than ready to finally start the semester, no one expects the first week of classes to be that difficult.

The sweat and mania of move-in weekend has ended and it’s about time to start the classes our parents are paying for.

The sun was still out, Vermont’s cold weather not quite here yet and still time to drop chemistry and return the expensive textbook if need be.

Students shuffle their schedules around during the add/drop period, seeing what they like and what they don’t want to take on this semester.

Perhaps you’ve come to the realization that an 8:30 a.m. class is not your speed, or maybe there were a few too many pieces of dried gum on the bottom of your chair.

For me, the impression I get from the professor on the first week is the deciding factor for whether I keep a class or drop it.

Are they confident in their teaching abilities or do they hide behind a monitor? Are they approachable when I have questions or do they leave class faster than some of their students? Most importantly, can they actually work the classroom projector and the iclicker program?

If a professor can remember my name and spend less than two minutes getting their slides up, then we’re going to get along just fine.

Aside from professor first impressions and the short-lived freedom of switching classes, campus has a friendly, open vibe at the beginning of a new academic year.

First-years are seeking out social groups and returning students are welcoming them with open arms and a brochure to their respective club.

Time before class is spent meeting new peers or catching up with friends instead of cramming in that reading you forgot about until 10 minutes ago.

While the weather’s still nice, students crowd the steps of the Bailey Howe Library, peruse the vintage clothing tent outside the Davis Center and hitch up their hammocks behind the Catholic Center.

I know it’s temporary, but I hope you got a chance to stop and enjoy the sunshine during syllabus week before the inevitable stress of the semester reduces us to sleep deprived zombie students.