Senior Bucket List

Graduation is nigh and as seniors, we have so much to do in the next few weeks:  study for exams, order caps and gowns, figure out post-grad plans and drink excessively with our friends one last time. Here are some of the things my fellow members of the Class of 2010 want to do before they graduate. Jared Alvord Environmental studies and business double majorBefore I graduate from UVM and join the Peace Corps, I want to kayak across Lake Champlain to the New York side, and finish the Vermont Brewery Challenge!Johannes GriesshammerForestry majorAfter I finish my honors thesis and live on top of a mountain for the summer, I will go ski late April powder on Mount Mansfield!Caitlin Shea Environmental science majorBefore I graduate from UVM and live in a cardboard box, I want to skinny dip in Lake Champlain and roast marshmallows at North Beach!Stacey AppleStudio art majorBefore I graduate and move to Boston to become a starving artist, I want to visit the Mother Tree one last time and watch the sunset from the Williams fire escape with someone I love.Kathleen CarrollEnvironmental studies and political science double majorBefore I graduate and work for the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps this summer, I want to shower in the Davis Center.