Seth Rogen opens up about AlzheimerÕs, Zac Efron and 420


Walking through the doors of Burlington’s Merrill’s Roxy theater moviegoers are typically greeted by the smell of freshly buttered popcorn and a daunting array of candy options. But May 1 was no typical day for the local theater. After the popped kernels’ aroma hit the senses, so did the unmistakable, deep laugh of Seth Rogen.

Rogen, alongside wife Lauren Miller, an actress and Hollywood screenwriter, made the Vermont trek to pay a visit to UVM fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, winners of the duo’s Hilarity for Charity U fundraising campaign.

The nonprofit works to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association, according to it’s website.

Up against about 270 other organizations, the Pi Kappa Alpha brothers raised more than $27,000 to earn the top spot of the national campaign; a competition Rogen and Miller created to encourage college students to become more aware of the disease and to see how they too can help out.

As for their prize, students got a special advanced screening of Rogen’s new film “Neighbors,” set to hit theaters May 9, followed by an exclusive Q&A session with the star.

The Cynic had the opportunity to sit down with Rogen and Miller before the screening to chat about the charity, Alzheimer’s awareness, Zac Efron’s abs, 420 and more.

VC: You guys are lucky you came on a nice day, it was supposed to pour!

LM: It’s such a nice day! ?

SR: I heard it was pouring yesterday.

VC: I looked at the weather for today, saw rain and thought ‘damn they’re gonna see what Vermont’s really like.’

SR: Hey it’s nice!

VC: Have you guys been here before??

LM: Nope, not at all.

VC: How long are you going to stay?

SR: For like another hour after this [laughs] and then we’re leaving.?

VC: Come on, you gotta go to Church Street or down to the waterfront! At least see the Lake! ?

LM: I definitely wanna come back! It’s so cute! ?

SR: I know, it’s nice.?

LM: We can come back and relax!?

SR: Believe me, I would love it if we didn’t have to leave [laughs].?

VC: Hey you can come hangout with us. Sputies??

LM: Snooties?

VC: Rasputin’s, it’s a bar. Well, actually I can’t go for another 9 days.?

SR: Are you 20? ?

VC: I am, my birthday is May 10.

LM: Hey! I’m 20 too!

VC: Now that all that weather talk is out of the way. I hear you’re from Canada, eh? ?

SR: [Laughs] I am.?

VC: And, I know you’ve had DJ Pauly D at one of your HFC [Hilarity for Charity] events.?

SR: [Laughs] We did have Pauly D! ?

VC: How do you feel about New Jersey then? Choose your answer wisely.?

SR: Hey! My dad’s from New Jersey! Newark, N.J.! ?

VC: I live right next to Newark!?

SR: There ya go. I love New Jersey!?

VC: I was gonna say, depending on your answer I would have had to walk out of this interview.?

SR: I’ve got New Jersey in my blood! I’m half New Jerseyan!

VC:Speaking of HFC…Seth, I know you’ve always been around the whole nonprofit world, your mom being a social worker, your dad worked with nonprofits. But how did you guys get started with this specifically, getting associated with Alzheimer’s awareness??1234