Sex and The Cynic: What Ever Happened to Chivalry?

Since I began writing my column last semester, I’ve heard from numerous readers that they consider my opinions to be highly feministic, and anti-male.

However, had they actually read my columns and set aside their prejudices against a female author, they might have been whistling another tune. Aside from a select few (the articles about condoms and saying “I love you”), my column rarely addresses the sexes separately, or attempts to pigeonhole each gender with specific behavior.

In spite of this, my columns have been referred to as the “feminist papers,” and are dismissed as an outlet for female whining. I am not even given a chance as a writer simply because the opinions proposed are done so by a girl. Well, to all you haters out there….this one’s for you.

The blatant write-off of my articles as feminist crap got me to thinking. I said to myself (and to others), “I thought all this “feminist crap” had gotten us somewhere. I thought our existence had become more valid.”

As I thought about this, I realized that while it is true that women are making some progress, we are losing the benefits at a much faster rate.

When women were truly considered a second sex, with the drawbacks came some perks. Specifically, the art of chivalry made the blows to our dignity a little less painful. Women were taken care of. Doors were opened, bills were paid, coats covered puddles. Nowadays, one never sees this, especially amongst college kids. It’s every man for himself. This behavior would be justified if girls truly were considered on the same playing field as the guys. But, sadly, this is not the case. While we have lost all the bonuses of being considered second best, our status has not increased at an equal rate. In other words, chivalry is gone, but the sexism isn’t.

We are not as smart, not as funny, and our opinions aren’t as legitimate. Otherwise, things like my column might not be immediately tossed aside as more of that feminist propaganda before they are even read.

They see the word “sex” and they see a female author and my validity flies out the window. While I acknowledge that the things I write about are not as intriguing for guys as they are for girls, that does not make them pro-woman. I make an effort to exclude any bias towards one sex or the other, and that effort is completely undermined, and my credit as a writer is gone.

So, as a response to this, I have to ask all of you out there who are making false accusations, when are the doors going to start being opened? When are you going to start offering your arm? In spite of all the real feminist work that has been accomplished out there, we are still at this point. So, instead of trying to fight it, I have to ask, where is all the damn chivalry? If I am going to be denounced as a lowly feminist, then will someone please buy me a drink?