SGA President Elect Jones on Plans, Goals

“The Voice of the Students” is loud and can be heard on campus. That is the motto of the UVM Student Government (SG) which is a two branch governance body representing the nearly 8,000 undergraduate and continuing education students at the University of Vermont. The SG consists of an executive and legislative branch that work with each other to speak on behalf of the students and tackle issues that are brought to SG attention throughout the year.

As President-elect for the student body I will be the spokesman for the students and will advocate for all of you on many different levels. I will present your views to the UVM staff, faculty, and administration, and to officials with the City of Burlington among others.

As President I will oversee a one million dollar budget that is appropriated to the 111 diverse clubs and organizations that are currently recognized by the SG. My vice president, Emily Berliet, and I will create an Executive Committee that consists of six Chairpersons, a Treasurer, and a Speaker of the Senate. The Executive Committee must fairly and appropriately represents the student body.

I have several goals that I would like to work on as President of the student body. I want to work with University Dining Services and University officials to expand the hours of operations of the dining facilities on campus, run by the Sodexho Alliance Corporation. The mission of Sodexho is to “strive to create and offer services that contribute to a more pleasant way of life for people.” In order to reach that mission statement, Sodexho should expand hours of operation and lower the average meal cost.

Another goal I have in mind is to bring the Student Government to the students. The Senate and Executives should not be out of reach to the student body. We were created to advocate for you, the students, not hide from you. To do this, I want to attend a meeting or event for each club that meets or holds events regularly, with help from Emily. This is one way that students can have their opinions heard, and a way for Student Government to hear what issues are on student’s minds.

Your SG is run by students, people just like yourself. I encourage you to get involved with Student Government, either by voting in the Senate elections occurring tomorrow and Thursday in the Bailey/Howe Library, or attending our weekly meetings held in Marsh Lounge of Billings, Tuesday nights at 7pm.

By working together, we can create a wonderful college experience for the entire student body. To get involved in the Student Government or if you have any questions, please feel free to stop by the Billings Student Center, room B-156, call 656-2053, or e-mail [email protected]