SGA Update

This past Wednesday and Thursday were SGA senator Elections. We thank everyone that came and voted; there was a fairly good turnout.

In fact, the turnout was so good that it required three times more votes to get elected than it has in the past. This made it an even more impressive achievement for those who actually did get voted in.

The following are people who were elected were for off-campus senatorial positions: Dave Bates, Dave Grossman, Ben Wildstein, Kelly Chamberlain, Marisa Nack, Adam Lucas, Ben Blumberg, Katie Kasarjian, Nate Root, Elizabeth Shorey, Keith Upton, Lee Souter, Carly Swanberg, Danielle Fuoco, Sarah Poirier, Dave Laman, Tanya Tersillo, Shannon Duke, Emily Kueffner, Kristen Krentz.

And everyone who ran for on-campus positions got elected along with Julie Capen and Alison Perry. This is everyone who is on the Senate at the moment, however there is a good likelihood that some might dropout by next year. So if you ran and were not elected feel free to come by the Senate in the fall and get appointed, as there will always be empty seats to be filled.

Also this past week you might have noticed that there was alcohol being served in the Round Room. These events were being used as test dates to see how beer served in the Round Room would work for all of next year. This idea of is not a new one. The Round Room has had a liquor license for years and a Pub-Bistro was proposed for the future Student commons.

The fact that a Pub-Bistro was proposed for the student commons raised some concern in the Administration about whether the Student body could handle one and how this work would; the SGA posed the question: why don’t we have an on-campus pub now? The only way that was seen to solve these problems was to try out a Pub on campus, so we did.

After these few showings there seemed to be very few problems and the students proved mature enough to handle the sale of alcohol. So it looks hopeful that there could be a Pub on campus, but more certain there will be one in the new Student Commons.

Finally, there will be beer service in the Round Room during SpringFest on the 24th. Cake will be playing with Particle, along with whoever wins the Battle of the Bands next week. So everyone should come and it’ll be a good time. Only $10. See ya there.