Sipping on the dream

The Dream Machine, an Indian Pale Lager from The Magic Hat Brewery, is one of the first of its kind.

The IPL has become the “hipster’s” choice of beer, with its very potent bitterness created by the hops during the brew.

The strong bitterness is a tell-tale sign that the IPL has its place on the micro brew game.

It is also exactly what turns many people away from the type of brew.

The IPL is brewed down the road from campus on U.S. route 6 at The Artifactory and has most of the same properties of an IPA.

But the aftertaste is much more toned down.

The Magic Hat Brewing Company is located in South Burlington and has been brewing since 1994, according to their website.

The lager, known particularly for its easy “drinkability,” brings many of its properties to this brew without sacrificing much of the flavor.

I would classify the IPL as a light IPA.

This would be the perfect beer for a friend or “hater” to try the bitter IPA flavor in beer – or at least a reintroduction into this flavoring of beer.

The Dream Machine has a 5.7 percent alcohol by volume and comes in 6-packs, 12-packs, bottles and draft, according to the brewery’s website.